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Our Mission

TONS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is committed to satisfying client’ needs through the provision of cost effective engineering services and solutions, with budget and appropriate standards. In support of these, we are committed: To be the preferred supplier of profitable selected Building and Civil Engineering services to a broad customer base through sustained quality services. To provide total quality, cost effective, professional and timely management services to satisfy the business needs of TONS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED clients. To be the most responsive and reliable Engineering Construction company in the industry. To promote skills transfer to previously disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Safety Management

The management key factors at ensuring responsive and reliable safety regulations are: Provide written policy statement that will be clearly and simply understood with rules and disciplinary actions set with. To employ a trained safety professional within our work force. Procure company’s workers protective equipment. Create various awareness programmes to educate our workers on safety prevention and management. That these rules shall be provided as safety manual for all the staff. Keep records of work accidents for the purpose of analysing and assessing to ensure proper accident management.